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Who we are 

Over the last years Lean has become one of the leading process improvement methods in Europe. Many companies now practice Lean and train their employees. Many institutes, research organizations and consultancy firms are working on expanding and implementing Lean in a wide variety of industries.

Le Maire Lean was founded in October 2008 in Buenos Aires, when the two founders decided that it was time for a change in their lives. Both had a successful career in different industries where both encountered Lean and became true believers. They decided to take their knowledge and experience to Argentina, where Lean is present, but less established as in their home country The Netherlands.

What we do

Le Maire Lean, is specialized in processes within production environments. Within this market Le Maire Lean has an indebt knowledge of and has practical experiences with all aspects of a production organisation. Because of this knowledge and experience, Le Maire Lean understands the different challenges that a production environment today has.

Le Maire lean is unique because we do not only advise you as a company but we will also coach and train your employees to sustain the methodology and help them to continuously improve your processes. Your company will continue to gain the benefits of reducing costs, gaining productivity, increasing safety, increasing quality and increasing pleasure in work. By working this way, your employees will become your consultants. The improvement will grow, even after the project will be finished.

 How we think about the future

Our commitment to Lean goes further than a regular consultancy organisation, we do not limit ourselves to consultancy, training and coaching alone. We also started a Lean Network to help the methodology and the people working with it. We want everybody to gain knowledge and to exchange lean experiences with people who have worked with Lean. The Network will allow you to seek others who have experienced the same challenges and have their own creative solutions. You will be able to benchmark your progress and learn from others. Le Maire Lean stimulates that Lean practitioners learn from each other.


  -“Our motto has always been ‘Unleash the Potential’. I believe that there is always more in everybody then meets the eye. The trick is to stimulate a person to dip in to this pool of extra energy. Lean is about feeling responsible for the entire company whatever job you do. It stimulates, satisfies and intrinsically motivates those who experience it”-

Rienk Gerritsen and Elisabeth Boersen

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