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4 February 2009, Buenos Aires

The one day Lean Introduction Workshop

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Free Lean Introduction Workshops

Le Maire Lean provides a free Lean Introduction Workshop, several times a year on different locations. The workshop follows the same structure as a Lean implementation: A Stable and Robust Process, Just in Time Manufacturing, Built in Quality and Continuous Improvement.

In this one day workshop, various tools and techniques are explained and demonstrated with a simulation game. We will talk about Value Stream Mapping, Value adding activities, Takt- and cycle time calculations, Flow, Kanban systems, Andon systems, Poke-Yoke solutions and many more.

The workshop is free, because we want to make the methodology accessible to as many Argentinean companies as possible. No matter the size of your company, or the industry that you are in, everybody has something to gain by the principles. Off course we will also use the opportunity to get to know the participants and maybe in the future we will work together on a Lean project.


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Free Lean Workshop:


February 4th 2009,


Lean workshop with theory and game.

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