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Le Maire Lean started the formation of a Lean Network in Argentina. The network connects Lean believers from the industry, consultants and scientists. We want to achieve 3 things with this network:

  • Connect Lean practitioners in Argentina to share knowledge and learn from each other

  • Help companies and individuals to see results, thereby stimulating and sustaining a positive attitude towards Lean

  • Return knowledge to the method and society, by collecting and publishing experiences.

You are never done with implementing Lean. Toyota started 50 years ago and is still improving the system. It is a journey that takes you to new discoveries and challenges every day. Although every journey is unique, you are not the first to make one. Other companies have encountered similar challenges and found solutions for them. Their creativity can trigger you to find just that answer you were looking for. Le Maire Lean wants to be your contact for the Lean practitioners in Argentina. So you can discuss and benchmark your progress, go to another factory and see their accomplishments in practice and use that knowledge for your own journey.

A Lean transformation generates a lot of energy within every company. Imagine the energy when you connect them to other Lean believers. They can inspire each other, learn from each other and help each other. Le Maire Lean believes that a positive "can-do-mentality" is generated and necessary for success. 

The Lean methodology will always be further developed. New tools and techniques are invented, research is being done on the effects of Lean in different production environments and articles with new insights continue to be published. Le Maire Lean stimulates all Lean practitioners to be a part of this development. True continuous improvement, where all small contributions deliver a big contribution to the methodology. Le Maire Lean publishes their own experiences in articles, newsletters and blogs and will stimulate members of the Lean network to do the same.

Le Maire Lean will actively use this network to benefit all our customers. We will organize excursions to see successful techniques in action. We will invite speakers from the industry to trainings. We will host conferences and events to discuss developments. We will investigate, form partnerships and reach out to the global Lean network, so that your company will always have the best advice available.


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