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Start improving now by getting the skills!

Training gives the participants a chance to learn and see how to work with Lean. In our training we prefer to work on the shop floor to make the theory visible. This way of learning makes it more then theory, but also real time understanding what improving is about. Underneath you will find some examples of our trainings, but do not hesitate to contact us for the option that suits your company best.

One-day Lean introduction training


This one-day hands-on training is designed for individuals and teams that want to gain a better understanding of the components and underlying philosophy of Lean. In this course the basic Lean principles according the Toyota Production System will be described, read more...


In house training

Customized Training Specialized Training
Le Maire Lean will come in-house to your company to give classroom training, or training on the shop-floor about various subjects, read more... Implementation and training are never separated. Nor is the situation exactly the same in different companies, read more... As your Lean journey continues and your business prospers, you might need to set up systems that ensure the anchoring of the Lean principles and philosophies in the future. This requires a specific view on your company, read more...


For details about our trainings please mail to or call (0054-911) 6846 2605 or (0054-911) 6241 9396.

Le Maire Lean can also supply custom-made presentations or trainings.

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