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Our approach to get Lean

By using the Lean Methodology and our experience we created the best way to help organizations to eliminate the waste. We work according to the following steps:

- Get a Quick Scan of your current processes to see where the potential benefits are

- Train a team that has the will and the power to change things

- Go do it as soon as possible

- Work hard, learn fast, improve and adjust.

Together with Senior Management we first select area of improvement. It is important to make a big impact fast. Before taking off we need to carefully speak with the stakeholders. We need upfront agreement from the people that will have to deliver during the process.  We will work together with the people on the shop floor and management. Together we will go through 4 phases.

 1. Stable and Robust Process

The first phase delivers a stable process that runs on Takt cycles. It becomes apparent what the Value Adding activities are. All Non-Value Adding Activities are categorised in one of the 8 Waste categories. Non Value adding activities are eliminated immediately where possible. The remaining Value Adding activities become analysed and standardised and documented in the one-best-way and balanced against the Takt cycle. 

2. Just in Time

After the first phase there is a transparent flow you can follow through the facility. Scheduling between the independent process steps can now be reviewed and integrated into Kanban systems and Supermarkets. The Work-In-Process becomes visible and one can fairly judge how much the safety stock is required and for what reasons. It surfaces the opportunities that can be explored to further lower inventory by improving the process. 

3. Built in Quality

In this phase the practical solutions to deliver quality in the cheapest way will be introduced. Quality is something that can not be inspected into a product. So quality specifications need to be established and met as early in the process as possible. Quality control can be transferred from after production, to systems that warn when there is something wrong a input to a process step. To complement this system Poke-Yoke and Failsafe Solutions will be reduce potential defects. The shift to what in Lean is known as a Culture to stop for Quality is further strengthen by a 5S Workplace Organization. From a cultural perspective, this gives people a stronger feeling of autonomy and responsibility of each individual. 

4. Continuously Improve

The first three phases have set the stage for a Lean process. But by definition there will always be waste. Also it is advisable to accomplish a Lean transformation with a process that will sustain and even expands the benefits. We use the lean principles of Hansai and Kaizen to continuously improve what is accomplished. Using the concept of Plan Do Check Act and we introduce a scientific approach to Improve in all layers of the organization. This will include Cause and Effect diagrams, 5 Why analysis and other techniques, to systematically analyse and improve.

Unique about the way we work is that we do not instruct how to get to the end of the project. We train and coach project members not only to use the tools but also to absorb and transfer this knowledge. They will be your consultants the in future. All materials and our support will remain available to be used in other areas. On top of that you will be included in a Lean Network that we will actively use to benefit all our customers and partners.





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