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Start improving your business now by getting the skills!

Training gives the participants a chance to learn and see how to work with Lean. In our training we prefer to work on the shop floor to make the theory visible. This way of learning makes it more then theory, but also real time understanding what improving is about. Underneath you will find some examples of our trainings, but do not hesitate to contact us for the option that suits your company best.

In house training

Le Maire Lean will come in-house to your company to give classroom training, or training on the shop-floor about various subjects:

  • One day Lean introduction workshop with simulation game

  • Value Stream Mapping - Document the current state, design the future state, what adds value to your product

  • Flow and Pull - Flow where you can and pull where you must, design Kanbans and Supermarkets, batch sizes

  • Standard Work - Takt time calculation, standard work sheets, line balancing, work cell lay-out

  • SMED, reducing change over times and batch sizes

  • Andon systems - Stop for quality, build quality into your process, fail-safe and fool proof

  • 5S, Sort, Separate, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

  • Problem solving - Root cause analysis, cause and effect diagrams, 5 Why analysis, Demming cycle

  • Improve - Continuous innovation, Kaizen sessions, Change Management
  • Any other aspect of Lean that is required to help you in your Lean journey

Preferably in our In House training, we will train a group on a specific topic and then implement it immediately on the shop floor. So a training on Value Stream Mapping, results in real action plans for improved flow. 5S training results in a more orderly, cleaner factory, etc.


Customized Training
Implementation and training are never separated. Nor is the situation exactly the same in different companies. The Lean methodology encourage everyone to really understand the current situation and adapt with creative solutions. We want work together with your people to analyze your specific needs at any specific time. Together we can customize any training and implementation to exactly your needs on the exact moment required.


Specialized Training
As your Lean journey continues and your business prospers, you might need to set up systems that ensure the anchoring of the Lean principles and philosophies in the future. This requires a specific view on your company. Specialized training on this subject helps your company to become a fully Lean enterprise. Below you will find some examples of specialized training we provide. We want to work with you to develop and adjust training programs that continue to improve and sustain your business.
  • Strategy Deployment, to integrate your long term strategic plans into your Lean process
  • Lean Management, to fully adapt and sustain your Lean process in your daily routines
  • Train the Trainer, to expand your transformation with your own people
  • Lean Supply Chain, to help your suppliers and customers to adjust to your lean process
  • Human Resources, to sustain your Lean process, independent of your current workforce


For details about our trainings please mail to or call (0054-911) 6846 2605 or (0054-911) 6241 9396.

Le Maire Lean can also supply custom-made presentations or trainings.

Le Maire Lean S.R.L. - Buenos Aires -  Tel. (0054-911) 6846 2605