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15 de Mayo, training: El desafío de reducir costos utilizando prácticas de excelencia

Le Maire Lean

These days every company has to deliver what the customer wants and when he wants it. What he wants changes faster than ever and he always wants it against the lowest possible costs and the highest possible quality. Costs of labour and resources are rising and good employees are hard to find and hard to keep and competition is fierce and legislation is more complex. Therefore every company is forced to continuously improve itself.

It is our mission to help our customers in Argentina to achieve this standard of excellence and to keep them there. To do so, we use the best methodology: Lean. Not only do we guide you as a company, we train your people and supply them with tools and techniques to do what is best for the company. And we help creating a culture that will lead to sustainable benefits for now and for the future.

Our way of working is very practical:

- Get a Quick Scan of your current processes to see where the potential benefits are.       

- Train a team that has the will and the power to change things

- Go do it as soon as possible

- Work hard, learn fast, improve and adjust

Lean Network

In 2008 Le Maire Lean also started the initiative to create a Lean Network, a Network were our customers can gain knowledge as well as benchmark and learn from each other. A Lean conversion generates a lot of energy within every company. Imagine the energy when you connect the activities of other believers. The Lean Network organizes meetings and free introduction trainings for the people who want to start with Lean, discusses new developments and publishes articles, read more...

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