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Lean basics in one day?

The Lean transformation within a company can be a very difficult task. But the start of it, always begins with knowledge, tooling and starting as soon as you can. Therefore we designed a one-day Lean introduction training to give you and your company the basic theory to start today.

One-day Lean introduction training


This one-day hands-on training is designed for individuals and teams that want to gain a better understanding of the components and underlying philosophy of Lean. In this course the basic Lean principles according the Toyota Production System will be described.

In this training not only theory will gain the understanding of the Lean Methodology but also a role playing game is included. Participants can practice with the Lean tools and how to start implementing Lean. The role playing game will be guided by experienced instructors who can help translating the complications within the game to their own workspace.


  • One day Lean introduction workshop with simulation game

  • History of Lean

  • Value Stream Mapping - Document the current state, design the future state, what adds value to your product

  • Flow and Pull - Flow where you can and pull where you must, design Kanbans and Supermarkets, batch sizes

  • Standard Work - Takt time calculation, standard work sheets, line balancing, work cell lay-out

  • SMED, reducing change over times and batch sizes

  • Andon systems - Stop for quality, build quality into your process, fail-safe and fool proof

  • 5S, Sort, Separate, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

  • Problem solving - Root cause analysis, cause and effect diagrams, 5 Why analysis, Demming cycle

  • Improve - Continuous innovation, Kaizen sessions, Change Management

  • Any other aspect of Lean that is required to help you in your Lean journey


Every participant will learn Lean basic theory and tools, how you can continuously improve your organisation and getting a better competitive position by implementing lean aspects focussing on; quality improvement, customer satisfaction, flow, cost reduction, work pleasure and many other aspects.


One-day Lean basic training including simulation game.  


Individuals or company teams within a production environment who want to gain a better understanding of the possibilities with Lean Manufacturing.

How to order:

To order this training for a group, please contact Le Maire Lean at: (0054 911) 68 46 26 05 or mail to  

Le Maire Lean S.R.L. - Buenos Aires -  Tel. (0054-911) 6846 2605